How about … Reduce stress, increase physical well-being, stretch and strengthen the entire muscular and ligamentous apparatus, harmonizing body and mind? Sounds good? I will show you / you the way.

Moving and dancing through the day Uncomplicated, time-saving, effective: dance ideas for in-between times

What does Power Yoga in conjunction with dance mean to me as a teacher. Please read the text below and sign up for a trial lesson. Experience it for yourself!

POWER YOGA: The new power from within

POWER YOGA: and its positive effects on body and mind
Dynamics and precise exercise flow, combined with a controlled breathing technique, lead with regular practice to, among other things:

CONDITION (exercises form synthesis of strength, condition and endurance)

FLEXIBILITY (through mobilization of the spine, as well as isotonic and isometric stretches of the total musculature).

STRENGTH BUILDING (through static and dynamic muscle contractions).

FITNESS (cardiovascular rate, with more dynamic execution, can be equivalent to running jogging).

BODYSHAPING (by training with and against your own body weight)

FATBURNING (through emerging dynamics and endurance in the exercises)


STRESS REDUCTION (through concentrated coming back in the moment)

REMOVAL OF TENSIONS, TOXINS (through conscious and concentrated breathing technique in the flow of movement heat is generated, which in turn stimulates blood circulation and detoxifies the entire organism)

PSYCHIC AND EMOTIONAL BALANCE (establishing emotional equilibrium, will formation through increased presence in the body, – less conversation in the head that drains energy unproductively).