About us

Carmen Schall

Owner / Founder ,School Director, Dance Facilitator, Representative, Lecturer for Dance-Theater-Art and Bodywork International in cooperation with the Jazz Dance Theater / Robert Solomon in Berlin / Düsseldorf / New York.

Supporter and promoter of various dance genres in the performing arts. She represents Placement-Berlin internally and externally. As a dance educator, she teaches various bodywork forms in conjunction with dance. She teaches bodywork in conjunction with dance, using a health-oriented, physical, organic approach that helps participants* present their bodies in balance. All people of different ages and experiences are addressed and can experience the common language of movement with her. Mail to: info@placement-berlin.de

Cooperation partner and guest lecturer is :

Robert Solomon International Choreographer, Dancer, Dance Educator (Alvin Nikolais Dance Theatre )

In our work there are many similarities and pedagogical approaches in artistic dance work. In 2001 we met at a dance festival and a general meeting of daCi Deutschland e.V. in Düsseldorf .

Robert works for Placement ,in artistic consulting and direction for stage dance presentations and in development for choreographic dance work.

We offer interdisciplinary ,artistic and dance pedagogical work with children , teenagers , as well as with adults as a main focus.

We develop project ideas together. Have been submitting project applications together since 2012 and have been successfully supported by the bundesverband freie darstellende Künste / Kultur macht stark Bündnisse für Bildung / have been funded by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

We offer and are commissioned by different school institutions/associations and foundations for dance-theater projects that promote cultural and social communication.

We organize and hold workshops for teachers, dance educators and people who would like to learn the choreographic art of dance up to the stage presentation.

We are representatives for daCi Deutschland e.V. and represent the association in the umbrella organization Tanz Deutschland e.V.

Mail to: robert-solomon@t-online.de