Carmen Gisela Lydia Schall Short biography

Owner / founder of Placement – Berlin professional space for dance – theater art & bodywork International ,self-employed

Active as a dance mediator, dance teacher, dancer, organizer, as well as social and dance pedagogical support in dance theater projects with artists from Europe, USA and Asia. Focus on student exchange Target group children & youth .

Applicant, as well as active as pedagogical director in funded projects of cultural education Kultur macht stark (Ministry of Education and Research)

Dance-Theater projects: “65 years of Berlin Airlift”, “Bring it up”,Broomsweep-the green island and Broomsweep – Episode 2 -Covid 19 the bat. Own intergenerational school projects, workshop and stage presentations in and out of Placement in collaboration with choreographer / artistic director Robert Solomon / Jazz Dance Theater.

Former owner/managing director of Spring-time fitness & dance GmbH Lecturer and instructor for movement and health classes for various target groups and movement techniques.

State. accredited educator / with focus on integration & bodywork

Photo: Krümmeling

Commitment: Board work in daCi Deutschland e.V. deals with children and young people in contemporary, artistic dance, member of the German Sports Teachers Association, active in cultural education associations such as DTD BFDK, active in senior citizen work as an everyday helper focus on body work u.mobility

Actress in the performance “Compartmented Body
Photos:Heinz Kleim