Courses for children & teenagers

Classes for teenagers and children in Placement Berlin

You can’t start dancing early enough …….., of course. We firmly believe that dancing is a basic impulse for everyone, that we all can do it and that all children should have the chance to dance more, to learn more dance, to be encouraged to dance more and more. But because dance is not (yet) part of the basic education in our schools, we do it.

Dance is an appropriate means of expression for children and young people to initiate learning processes. For almost 20 years we have experienced how beneficial dance can be for our students. You don’t need to have a strong motivation, because movement in itself, and therefore the orderly movement in dance, is a successful mental and physical development. We want to inspire as many as possible and take into account the different personalities of the participants in dance classes, dance theater projects.

With our professional experience in the pedagogical and artistic field, both an improved physical competence, as well as openness , self-confidence and, with conscious encouragement, joy of experimentation can be observed in the children and young people when they stay with the dance for a longer period of time. We provide students with access to dance to give them a sense of “I can do that “. Dance techniques are practiced in a way that overcomes the personal movement stereotype and leads to improvisation and creation. This creates a creative tension between structure and freedom. The goal is always to move freely – dancing.