Courses for adults

Classes for adults in Placement Berlin

Personality development and life expression through dance
Modern dance is not considered a uniform style. Modern dance is constantly changing, living and developing in all its forms and facets, demonstrating an admirable vital energy and vitality. Despite all the diversity, there are common principles and structures of the Modern dance. Conscious breathing and organic dancing are two important aspects in modern dance. Contract tension / release relaxation is a technique in modern dance .Conscious, upright standing is the starting point for all movements in modern dance. Modern dance and the use of imagination. Turning the legs outward is not part of the basic posture in the Modern dance. The pelvis plays an important movement-active role in the Modern dance.It always depends on the personal style of the dance artist, the instructor, how to work on the design, improvisation and technique to the choreographic work under the above mentioned principles in the Modern dance comes.

Our bodywork classes complement modern and classical dance techniques from an anatomical and physiological perspective. The technical requirements in dance are particularly demanding and are examined and implemented by us from an artistic and health-oriented point of view.

The dance techniques with our participants of all ages are practiced in a way that overcomes the personal movement stereotype and leads to improvisation and creation. This creates a creative tension between structure and freedom. The goal is always the free dance movement. In the bound dance movement e.g. objects/materials, music/rhythm etc.) are included.